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CanAir is an unique provider of Air Duct Cleaning services with thousands of satisfied customers in the GTA.

Why choose us? Dedicated and professional technicians will arrive on time, explain all the work, care for your home using shoe covers and mats, perform the work using the latest technologies and provide you before and after photos.

We also specialize in Dryer Vent cleaning. Clothes not drying anymore?? it’s most likely a blockage in the dryer duct. Save by adding it on to your next duct cleaning service.

Why consider it? Duct Cleaning is all about air quality. The entire air of your home circulates through the furnace 6-7 times per day. The air circulating through the main trunk lines and ductwork picks up dust, lint, allergens, bacteria and minuscule particles that we could all breath. By cleaning your plenums and vents, and applying the antibacterial solution throughout, we can tremendously improve the quality of the air in your home or business. We have had hundreds of customer calling us after the service to share that they noticed a change in their air quality right after we have left.

Contact our friendly service team for a non-obligation quote and they will answer all your questions. Visit our facebook and Instagram pages to see some on-the-job photos and videos.

CanAir is visible, reliable and result-driven for our customer’s peace of mind. Call or email now and you’ll be glad you did!

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***AVOID TELEMARKETING FRAUD: We do not make unsolicited phone calls. If you receive an unsolicited call from someone claiming to be from CanAir Home Services please hang up and block their number. ***

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